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Stop Wasting Time and Make Every Minute Count

Getting lost is one of the worst feelings in the world. It can be frustrating, scary, and time consuming to say the least, but getting lost in a commercial 18-wheeler truck can even be dangerous. Unfortunately, making a wrong turn is a reality many professional truck drivers find themselves in time and time again. Unlike passenger cars they do not have the luxury of just making a quick U-turn to get back on track. Truck drivers are restricted by the size of their vehicles as well as restrictions of the road i.e. “No Trucks Allowed” zones; which makes it especially important for truck drivers to avoid getting lost in the first place if they can help it. Truck Me In app was created especially for truck drivers to keep them on track, and decrease the valuable time spent searching for gate entrances and avoid making wrong turns.

Truck Me In is an interactive navigational app that allows drivers to pinpoint gate locations of shippers and receivers creating a database that can be easily used by other drivers to navigate to the exact same location. This pinpoint technology eliminates the need to circle the block or perhaps make a wrong turn trying to find a gate entrance. In addition, Truck Me In gives drivers direct contact with other drivers via the chat feature to share knowledge and ask questions in an instant.

Truck Me In is committed to making life easier for truckers. We know how valuable time is for truck drivers and that wasting time is NEVER an option. Download and start enjoying the Truck Me In app and all its features today. We are certain Truck Me In will become your preferred navigational app.

Stay tuned for upcoming blogs on topics relevant to truckers that will provide you with the latest information in the trucking industry as well as smart financing, health and wellness tips and ways to make living on the road more exciting each and every day.


TMI Team


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