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Spotting The Major Differences Between A Car GPS And A Truck GPS

A GPS is so effective and easy to use; it is hard to imagine the times that you were once dependent on maps to find where you were going. Yet, the personal GPS that you would use in your car works much differently than your work vehicle. If you have fleet trucks, a GPS designed for your trucks will serve you much better. Below are the differences you would experience.

Distinctive Routes

When you are driving your car, GPS only has to monitor if roads are open or closed and whether traffic can hinder your progress. But, with a truck route GPS, you will be alerted to roads that you aren’t allowed to drive a heavy-duty or utility on. Also, you can avoid low-clearance bridges and get provided with distinctive routes that are better for you to travel.

Fleet Supervision

Drivers in fleet vehicles often get tasked with keeping a log of their progress. This record can include documentation of the mileage and number of hours driven along with any stops and breaks. Truck route GPS can help you gather this information more easily. Depending on the available features, you may be able to supervise multiple trucks at the same time while separating information per driver. You will be able to determine if deliveries will get made punctually, if a driver is running late, or if a driver needs help with managing their driving time.

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