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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

At “Truck Me In” our goal is to make the driver experience as user friendly as possible. So we took the time to answer a few questions to make thing a little easier.


Q: What is “Truck Me In” about?

A: “Truck me in” is an App designed to make life a little easier for drivers. The app allows drivers to
pinpoint the exact gate entrances for other drivers in real time, so every driver who comes after
you will know exactly where to go when they arrive, ending the confusion of getting out the truck,
passing the gate, making unsafe U-turns, or even passing your freeway exit.

Q: How can I download the App?

A: “Truck Me In” is available to download through our website or through Google Play Store and the Apple Store absolutely free!

Q: Does the App have navigation?

A: Yes. The app uses Google Maps integrated into our system to help guide you into your gate entrance. The exact interactive latitude and longitude coordinance is listed on screen for your convenience. Just press the colored icon and be guided to your entry point. But you can use the navigation of your choice, just be sure the “Truck Me In” App is running when you get near your desired location and follow the voice prompts.

Q: Can I see places I’ve already gone to?

A: Through the driver menu you can view your most recent or past trip history by entering the dates desired.

Q: How does the “Broadcast To All Trucker” feature work?

A: Broadcast To All Trucker is a feature added so drivers can have a forum to exchange information i.e. specifics about a shipper/receiver, exchange information about your trucks, not to mention the opportunity to meet new people! With the C.B. radio fading from the industry, think of this feature as a virtual C.B. radio. You can talk to several people across the country with no bandwidth limitations.

Q: Can I also chat one-on-one privately?

A: Yes, once you learn the handle/nickname of the other driver you can chat privately. Just enter their handle/nickname in the “Search Trucker” field and enjoy one-on-one conversation.

Q: Why does the app ask for my driver license number when I sign up?

A: Drivers license numbers are optional, you can enter any memorable number here and continue to use the apps functions. This information is mainly for our “Truck Me In Business App”. The business App would require this information be entered in order for shippers to be able to track their load from pick-up to delivery, only after the driver make themselves available through the “Truck Me In Trucker” App.


-TMI Team

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