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Essential Trucker

Essential Trucker

As a truck driver you spend many hours alone in your truck but also times when you will be at increased risk of exposure which include contact with truck stop attendants, dock workers, store workers, or other truckers. Having an emergency kit with essential daily items is important especially with the Pandemic. Truckers are in the front lines and need to stay safe. They are our amazing road hero’s that keep our supplies moving during this pandemic delivering necessary goods and keeping our stores stocked during this volatile time.   Truckers are now experiencing a greater increase in volume needs around the country.  Safety is a priority weather you’re driving short or long distances and everyone needs to practice precautionary measures to lower the risk of transmission. Truck drivers should make sure their trucks are fully stocked daily with supplies to keep them safe. Here are some safe practicing tips

  1. Personal Protective Equipment Mask, Gloves and Eye-wear should be worn in public settings or in close contact with others
  2. Hand sanitizer when you enter or return to your truck
  3. Disinfecting wipes to use frequently on touched surfaces such as steering wheel knobs and doors
  4. Practice proper and frequent hand washing
  5. Keep your truck cabin ventilated
  6. Maintain your social distancing when your outside
  7. Pack your own cooler with food and drinks to limit number of stops
  8. Pay with Credit Card instead of cash or if available use contact  less electronic payment methods
  9. Always follow the CDC recommended precautions
  10. Notify your supervisor and stay home if you’re having symptoms

We all need to come together as truckers and family to stay safe and continue educating one another.  It’s very important that we get this virus controlled for us to get back to regular day to day life.  As truckers we have taken on the essential role to provide consumer goods needed to our shippers/receivers.

In closing as you embark on your daily routes remember   is dedicated to providing truckers accurate latitude and longitude directions to their gate entrances and information that we feel will be essential to help in keeping you safe on the road.


TMI Team

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